Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where Have I Been?

I obviously haven't had much to say for the past six months -- but who cares, because no one reads these things. This might as well be a journal like all the others--kept in bound blank books or on lined paper in 3-h0le binders. So why resume? I have no answer now. Maybe one will reveal itself in the future.

I have been many places in the past six months -- physically and otherwise. Physically, I've spent weekends in Everett, Washington (for Karen's brother David's memorial service), and at Fort Ross (Rebekah and Neal's wedding). I have spent a week in Washington, DC, with Ian. Otherwise, I've been back and forth with my mom viz a viz our relationship, but hopefully the problems are all in the past. At work I finally finished one long project -- the VDB Improvement -- in April, and now I'm saddled with another -- the Kelley-Polk merge re-write. Ian has graduated from Albany Middle School and is a month away from beginning Albany High School. He went to Everett and DC with me, and on August 7 takes off to England with his mom. He is nearly as tall as me.

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